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Implant supported dentures, teeth placed on an implant

Implant supported dentures

In this article, we review the most important facts and information about dental implants. We collect the vital advantages, features, costs, and main facts connected to the surgery. This article provides answers to the following questions: What is a dental implant? Why are implant-supported dentures better than traditional protheses? Who can get dentures on implants? […]

Dental bridge types and materials

dental bridge

From this article you can get answers to the following questions: What dental bridge types are there? Dental bridge material options Dental bridge or dental implant? What function do dental bridges have? Bridge unit – this replaces the missing tooth or teeth. Pillar – which supports the bridge, this may be a natural tooth, tooth […]

How much will your dentures cost abroad?

cheap dental implants

Fixed denture and removable denture costs.These examples serve as an indication for dentures cost. Combined dentures are applied in the cases of both complete loss or partial loss of teeth . Get a customized healing and estimate plan for a dentures or use our “cost of dentures calculator”.

Tooth replacement options: dental dentures, dental implants, dental crowns and bridges & dental inlays

cheap dental implants

Nowadays there are several different types of dental dentures such as dental crowns, dental bridges and different types of dental implants. When it comes to the application of dental dentures it is due to the loss of teeth. The loss of teeth can occur due to a wide range of reasons. Types of dental dentures serve or rather function as solutions to the loss of teeth.

A cosmetic dentistry abroad

cosmetic dentistry abroad

They say that nothing is for free; that quality has a price, and this saying is usually true. Countries that are present in dental tourism – Hungary, for instance – still offer cosmetic dentistry services for significantly more affordable prices than Western-European clinics. The question is: can relatively cheap treatment be good? Can one find […]

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