"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Your dental treatment abroad with our help

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Your dental treatment with our help

Dental treatment abroad

Laura von Kontz – Dental personal assistant

affordable dental implants

László – Driver

Dentistry abroad

Julia Klara Klinger – Dental personal assistant

cheap dental implants

Zoltán – Driver

affordable dental implants abroad

Ágnes Szörtsey – Dental personal assistant

cheap implants abroad

József Harmati – IT Manager

cheap dental treatment

Arnold Horváth – Manager

We are a team of dental tourism experts working around the clock to make your dental treatment abroad the most affordable, highest quality and safest possible. We also assure you that you will feel comfortable and well cared for. This is done through constant telephone accessibility and a driver who is at your disposal for free. If a problem should arise during your stay or you just need some information, your personal assistant is only a phone call away.

We are here to make your dental trip easy and enjoyable as possible, so your dental treatment abroad will be a nice experience. The fuel of our enthusiasm is the smile on your face. Healthy teeth is not only good for your well being but also for a healthy self confidence. If you smile, others will too. Yes, smiling is contagious.

You probably find it difficult to decide about your dental treatment abroad; for a dentistry abroad. You doubt the quality, the dentists and also at the equipment of the clinic. But the answer for this is quite easy: The clinics and expertise do not differ the least from the ones in your homeland. Only the prices.

It can be a long way from the first insecure thoughts to new teeth. And our job is to help you throughout the whole way. The road is long (but easy) – so it is time to begin. You can, for example, start with getting to know our clinics on our website. You can also contact us with all your questions, we are happy to help. You can reach Laura or Ágnes by phone or E-mail.

Contact us today – we are your answer for a dental treatment abroad!

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Your dental treatment abroad with our help
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