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Fixed replacement on implants: Aesthetic and appealing smile for 60% less

Tooth loss is not only an aesthetic problem. You must take it seriously also to protect your health. You should go to the dentist’s as soon as possible to fill gaps and have your denture restored. Today’s modern dentistry, technologies, techniques and your dentist abroad offer several excellent options for missing teeth, such as bridges or implants. Quality dental works at affordable prices can only be done by a low cost dentist abroad!

What does a dental implant offer?

A dental implant is an artificial root that is made from organic material (usually made of pure, unalloyed titanium). The dental implant is a screw which is implanted in the place of the lost tooth. The dental implant inserted in the bone is completely accepted by the body, so it represents a safe solution for metal allergy sufferers too. The artificial tooth root is safe, stable and durable. In addition, this procedure gives patients a much better chewing ability and higher stability compared to other prostheses. Therefore it improves their quality of life. Dental implants are ideal for smaller and larger gaps, and for complete tooth loss. The reason is that with enough implants, several types of bridges and fixed dentures can be placed. The dental implantation is performed by your dentist abroad in a sterile environment, following strict regulations and under local or general anesthesia. Thanks to modern equipment and medication, the procedure is absolutely painless. Also, the healing time until the patients get their fixed dental crowns or bridges is very short. If you should be afraid of the dental treatment, your dentist abroad can carry out the implantation under full dental anesthesia.

Pre- examinations and complementary treatments

Your dentist abroad performs a thorough diagnostics and anamnesis before preparing your dental implantation treatment plan. Larger clinics use almost exclusively a digital 3D CT that can provide incredibly precise and accurate shots and pictures of the oral cavity. The 3D CT offers a unique opportunity for a precise planning of the implantation. This reduces the risks and success rate increases tremendously. The CT has a precision imaging system with an accuracy to a tenth of a millimeter, with which the dentist can accurately assess the bone density of the treatment area. This provides a clear picture whether more procedures are necessary before the implantation by a dentist abroad. If you have low bone density, the oral surgeons and your dentist abroad can solve the problem with a so-called bone structure reconstruction. If necessary, they can perform a sinus lift intervention. If these interventions are successful, nothing stands in the way for an implant. However, there are some factors that make an implantation impossible: poor oral hygiene, excessive alcohol consumption, heavy blood formation disorders, cancer or severe occlusal interferences.

Implants and variations

With implants, specialists have more treatment options, because implants provide several solutions to cover a gap. Get your quote from our dentist abroad to get a bespoke treatment plan, listing all your treatment options.