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ACE Dental Budapest has a professional facility, two oral surgeons and a team that will put you at your ease, should you be nervous. They work with pain therapy, which is applied in the framework of classical implantation procedure. ACE Dental Budapest is located in the most elegant part of Buda.

The chief surgeon is Dr. med. dent. László Mozsolits. His team was carefully chosen, so they can provide outstanding friendliness, empathy and patience to their patients. ACE Dental Budapest has another dental clinic abroad, in the ancient Hungarian city of Sopron.

What is the implantation procedure like in ACE Dental Budapest?

Dentures through dental implants require particularly careful planning and implementation by the dentists and technicians. The oral surgeon first gets information about the general health, any diseases and regular medication intake of the patient. After this, they perform a thorough dental examination. X-rays are part of this examination. Special three-dimensional CT scans are also made if necessary.

The dentist performs the surgery under sedation; a hospital stay is not required. In the first phase of the intervention the dentist makes a tiny incision in the mucosa to set the maxillary bone free. This way he prepares the place for the implant. Then he inserts the artificial root and closes the wound. Covered this way, the healing of the wound takes 3 to 6 months, during which time the implant ossifies. This means that the jawbone grows onto the implant, which thus becomes fixed). During the healing time, the patient wears a temporary dental prosthesis.The patient may experience some swelling of the face after the operation, but the pain should soon pass. Regular monitoring is necessary during this time of course. After healing the patient goes back to the dental clinic in Budapest for the permanent crowns or bridges. This requires a second surgical intervention. The dental surgeon exposes the implant with a small incision in the mucous and inserts a so-called gum-forming screw. After a short time the dentist takes a dental cast. This serves as the basis for the dental technician to prepare a sample and the dentures. The onset of the dentures is then again the task of the dentist at the ACE Dental Budapest. In some cases, especially in the lower jawbone, the implants can be immediately loaded with a temporary replacement. It is up to the treating dentist in Budapest to assess the possible risks and advantages of this method for the specific case of each patient.

Preparations for the operation:

What to do before the surgery in ACE Dental Budapest:

  • Inform your dentist about any illness and medication
  • Do the required tests for the sedation, if you are getting one
  • As for eating and drinking before the surgery please consult your dentist
  • Bring someone with you, it is always better not to leave the clinic by yourself after an operation
  • Take your regularly taken medications, if your treating doctor has not advised you differently. (e.g.: in the case of anticoagulants, aspirin)

What to do after the operation in ACE Dental Budapest:

  • Do not eat as long as the effect of the dental anesthesia lasts
  • Do not drink any coffee, tea, alcohol, smoke and do not eat hot dishes for a day
  • Take enhanced care of your oral hygiene: brushing teeth, rinsing with chlorhexidine as directed
  • Take the recommended medications
  • To reduce the swelling, put a cold compress on the outside of the operated area
  • Do not drive a vehicle

Dental Budapest – dentists

Chief doctor budapest

Dr. med. dent. László Mozsolits

Area of expertise: Chief physician, general dentistry, oral surgery, implantology, cosmetic dentistry
Languages: English, German

Personal: He has practiced at various practices and implant clinics for several years and has run his own clinic for some time. He regularly participates in training courses, such as on new applied implantation methods. He participates in development cooperation concerning technological innovations (Smart Dental Solutions- implantation with a surgical stent, Head of the Mentors Program). It is important for him to build a relationship based on trust.

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Dr. med. dent. Péter Novák

Area of expertise: General dentistry, oral surgery, implantology, aesthetic dentistry
Languages: English, German

Personal: For more than 8 years he was head of the oral surgery team at the Dentistry Department of Szeged University. At the same he has always worked in private practice as an oral surgeon. He keeps his knowhow up to date by regularly taking part in training courses. He views his patients in there ‘wholeness’, so that he can figure out the cause of oral disease better.

dental implant surgeon

Dr. György Turcsányi

Area of expertise: General dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, Veneers & Lumineers
Languages: English, German

Personal: He has worked in several private clinics and has been a member of the team since 2015. He has done several training courses for veneer techniques and regularly attends international dental congresses. Precision and speed are at the top of the list of his abilities.

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affordable dentistry

Dr. Erika Bernwallner

Area of expertise: General dentistry, specialist in orthodontics
Languages: English, German

Personal: She finished her studies in 2011 at the SOLTE University in Budapest. Since graduating, she has only worked in private dental clinics, where she has gained experience in treating international patients. Always following high standards and regulations are outstandingly important for her.

dental assistant budapest

Valéria Kuzma – Matron

Area of expertise: Scrub nurse, dental assistant, dental hygienist, technical assistant
Languages: English, German, Italian


budapest dental hygienist

Réka Marencsák

Area of expertise: Scrub nurse, dental assistant, dental hygienist, technical assistant
Languages: English


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Eszter Pató

Area of expertise:
Languages: English


low cost dental care

Viktória Szabó

Area of expertise:
Languages: English, German


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