"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Immediate dental implants

"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Fix package price with hotel included

Package price for the restoration of an entire jaw:

Lower jaw: 10-12 IHDE dental implants and fixed temporary dental bridges: 6200 $,
Upper jaw: 10-12 IHDE dental implants and fixed temporary dental bridges: 6200 $
(The package price has no hidden costs!)

The package includes:

  • Consultation and preparation of a treatment plan
  • Medications
  • Tooth extraction, if necessary
  • Surgical intervention – insertion of 10-12 IHDE immediately loadable dental implants
  • Impression, production of fix temporary round bridge
  • Placement of round bridge
  • Forming of the gingival, bite refinement
  • Control
  • 4 day accommodation with breakfast only 500 meters away from the clinic: Jagello Buisness Hotel***
  • Airport transfer on the day of your arrival and departure
  • Assistance from your dental personal assistant who will organize your trip and appointments and will accompany you to the treatments

In just 4 days permanent dental implants with bone loss

You want to be able to smile again, however you don’t have enough time for the insertion of dental implants or you want to save even more money? Thank the IHDE immediate dental implants technology in Switzerland, you can obtain your temporary dental implant already on the first day of your treatment, and on the fourth you can get your immediate dental implant, despite the fact that you suffer with dental bone loss.

Characteristics of the treatment IHDE dental implant Traditional dental implant
Treatment costs IHDE dental implant –cheaper Traditional dental implant –more expensive
Applicability IHDE dental implant –also with bone loss Traditional dental implant –only on bones
Length of the treatment IHDE dental implant –4 days (In 90 % of the cases! Traditional dental implant –6-12 Months
Temporary dental prosthesis IHDE dental implant –on the first day Traditionelle Implantate –no option
Permanent dental prosthesis IHDE dental implant –on the fourth day Traditional dental implant –after 9-12 Months
Dental bone graft IHDE dental implant –not necessary Traditional dental implant –might be necessary
Sinus lift IHDE dental implant –not necessary Traditional dental implant –might be necessary

Advantages of IHDE dental implants

  • Immediate dental implants with bone lossApplicable with most of the patients, despite them having parodontitis
  • Dental prosthesis with implants without pain in one treatment
  • Guarantee even for dental implants with bone loss, immediately loadable
  • Minimal invasive treatment without bleeding and pain
  • No healing phase of 3-6 months, since the new teeth are fixed after 3-4 daysImmediate dental implants
  • On the day of the implantation a temporary prosthesis, and on the 3.-4. day of the treatment permanent dental prosthesis
  • After the tooth extraction immediate implantation, no healing phase

This treatment doesn’t last long and also it is cheaper than the traditional treatment

The costs of IHDE immediate dental implants are cheaper than the costs of the traditional dental implants, since the treatment doesn’t require much time and a lot of materials and assets aren’t needed during the treatment.

Without pain

The IHDE immediate dental implants require the smallest surgical intervention, and in most cases it can be done without opening up the gum. The intervention can be undertaken with the help of local anaesthesia or general anaesthetics, so that the patient doesn’t feel or realize anything during the treatment.

Process of the treatment with immediate dental implants :


On the first day in the framework of the first treatment phase after having discussed an appointed time, the dental circumstances of the patient will be determined. Possible tooth extraction takes place if required.

Insertion of IHDE immediate dental implants ...↓

This step occurs also in the framework of the first treatment phase and we consult about the possible dental prosthesis more in detail.

Temporary dental prosthesis...↓

After the first treatment the temporary dental prosthesis are and you can leave after you firs treatment smiling with a convenient feeling. .

…………..in the following days the permanent dental prosthesis is prepared for you.

Permanent dental prosthesis ...↓

On the fourth day, the second part of the treatment occurs and – depending on your decision – the permanent immediate implants are inserted.

FAQ about IHDE immediate dental implants and dental implants with bone loss:

For whom and when is an immediate dental implant recommended? ...↓

Especially recommended are IHDE immediate dental implants in such severe cases where traditional dental implants can’t treat the certain case such adequately or rather appropriately. Such cases are for Example smoking, diabetes, complete loss of teeth or parodontitis (which occurs as a consequence of longer period of time with the loss of teeth, or an inflammation).

What is a minimal invasive treatment? ...↓

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This is a treatment without bleeding or pain, where the dentist instead of opening the gingival, drills through it and generates small holes by that n the bone. The patients are herewith under anaesthetics, after which there is usually no further local anaesthetics needed to take home for aftercare. On the gingival only small holes are generated, through which patients don’t have to face a 3 to 6 months healing phase.

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