"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Harmful toothpaste

"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Not every toothpaste is good

Not every toothpaste is good toothpaste

Harmful toothpasteTwice a day, 3 minute long – basically, that is what a regular person knows about brushing teeth and gentle dental care. Toothpaste comes in many forms, mild minty or with fruity taste. Everything is out there, but did you actually know that it can harm your teeth and your dental implants?  (If you want more information about cheap dental implants and not toothpaste, read our ‘dental bridge or implant‘ article)

Which toothpaste is harmful?

This begins with a lady dentist from Virginia, realizing more and more frequently little blue dots on the gum of her patients. She researched, and came to the result: these small remains are plastic, which many types of toothpaste contain.  Yes, toothpaste can contain plastic. No, they actually shouldn’t be invited. An affordable tooth implant on the other hand should be on the guest list, so is gentle dentistry. Gentle dental care party all the way!

Please without plastic

Yes, the plastic which the dumpsters are made of, such as bulletproof vests or your coffee cup from the vending machine. It consists mainly of polyethylene, an environmentally harmful substance that is never completely eliminated. Over time, these particles migrate to the tooth neck. Inflammation and periodontal diseases are the result. Meaning, your toothpaste should have a party without plastic. And in the worst case, an inflammation may result in a tooth extraction. In case a missing tooth is not replaced or only after a long time, it can lead bone loss. The root must be replaced with an implant, which can be done for 70% less abroad. The dental implants should then also be treated like real teeth, because these also need proper gentle dental care. It not only harms your natural teeth, but also an expensive and affordable tooth implant. Your gentle dental care might not be so gentle on your teeth.

More and more dentists inform their patients about the devastating effect of these ingredients in their toothpaste. The reason behind the usage by the manufacturers is incomprehensible to them: The particles are there just for decoration. They do not have any other advantages for your gentle dental care.

Before storming a drugstore, check if your beloved toothpaste has plastic in it. If it does, you have my permission to storm a drugstore. Quietly, that is. Gentle dental care without plastic particles is our motto!

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