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5Jun, 2017

What damages teeth?

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Of course you know that your teeth play a role in chewing, smiling and speaking. Can it be that you do not know everything about your teeth? The acidic foods and drinks are just as harmful as candy. Foods with high acidity and low pH levels, such as sour candies, soft drinks, fruit juices are very harmful. They erode the tooth enamel, resulting in reduced tooth size. On completely cleaned teeth, plaque formation begins just only after 20 minutes. Plaque is harmful to tooth enamel and causes tooth decay on the long run. Proper dental hygiene several Read More

22Apr, 2017

Stained teeth and teeth discoloration

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new-set-of-teethA neat, white and healthy set of teeth gives confidence to its owner. Stained teeth, on the other hand, might give the urge to hide the unwanted deterioration. We hardly open our mouths during talking, and the overall width of the smile decreases. In time, teeth discoloration might unfortunately result in self-evaluation problems.

17Apr, 2017

Broken teeth

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Our teeth are exposed to constant use. We use them for a lot more than just eating; we open, bite and even hold with them. Even if we are particularly careful, we can still injure or even break our teeth, just like any other bones in our body. This article will answer the following questions: What can break our tooth? What kind of problems can a broken tooth cause? How can the broken tooth be treated? How can we prevent chipping or breaking our teeth? What can break our tooth? Read More

25May, 2016

Toothache is almost intolerable

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Toothache of any kind Hardly any pain is as painful and persistent as a toothache. Everyone who has already experienced a toothache at least once in their life knows it. Toothache can either be caused by inflammation or as a result of a dental treatment. The causes of tooth pain vary, but there is always an irritation of the tooth nerve (usually an inflammation) behind it. It is important to always take this pain seriously, even if most of us are afraid of dental treatments. Otherwise – like any long-lasting inflammation – Read More

13Mar, 2016

Teeth whitening –
What kind of teeth bleaching methods are available?

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enjoy-new-smile-in-budapestWhen an important meeting comes up we often think about how we could look more appealing. We may realize soon that our smile is not perfect, or at least, it’s not as beautiful as we would expect it to be. Should we feel that the color of our teeth frustrates us, distracting us from important things, it is recommended that we look for potential modern solutions.


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