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Dental bridge types and materials

"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

A dental bridge can also replace a missing tooth

dental bridge typesFrom this article you can get answers to the following questions:

  • What dental bridge types are there?
  • Dental bridge material options
  • Dental bridge or dental implant?

What function do dental bridges have?

Bridge unit – this replaces the missing tooth or teeth. Pillar – which supports the bridge, this may be a natural tooth, tooth root or implant. With the help of an anchor, the bridge is attached to the pillars. A bridge can bridge over a missing tooth or several missing teeth.

What dental bridge types are there?

Cantilever dental bridges:

If for example, the last tooth of a jaw is missing, the two penultimate teeth before the missing tooth are crowned and joined together. Thus, the last bridge member is held from only one side. This type of dental bridge is not as stable as conventional dental bridges and is only recommended if the crowned pillar teeth can withstand the load well.

Inlay bridges:

Dental inlay
With inlay bridges, the bridge is not fixed on crowns, but two inlays of the adjacent teeth. An advantage of this variant is that the neighboring teeth do not have to be ground down. A disadvantage is that the mastication pressure the cementation of the inlays can loosen up after some time, so it is not for every bridge replacement suitable and only a rarely applied solution.

Maryland bridges:

This bridge type is suitable for the front teeth. This type has the advantage that the pillar teeth must be only minimally prepared on the inside. Unlike other bridge types, thin metal plates are the anchor, and not dental crowns. Although this method protects the tooth, but is not as stable as firmly anchored bridges.

Telescopic bridges:

The telescopic bridges are a removable replacement solution, as these bridges are not firmly cemented, but put on the pillar teeth.

Dental bridge material options

  • Metal-ceramic (nickel free) – Ceramic alloyed to metal. The cheapest.
  • Gold-ceramic – Ceramic alloyed to gold
  • Zirconia (produced with CAD technology) – all-ceramic. Most aesthetic, resemble the natural teeth the most.

Dental bridge or dental implant?

Just like dental implants, dental bridges are used as a replacement. At the appropriate selection you have to consider several factors such as aesthetic and functional points and put medical factors into consideration. Therefore, both systems have advantages and disadvantages, which must be considered individually in each case. An implant-supported dental bridge is when the bridge is anchored on implants and not on natural teeth.

Dental bridge types and materials
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