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Crooked teeth

"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Causes and solutions for straightening crooked teeth

  • This article will answer the following questions:
  • What are the causes of crooked teeth?
  • What consequences might derive from crooked teeth?
  • What are the different types of crooked teeth?
  • What are the correction methods for crooked teeth?
  • How porcelain veneers and crowns can be used in such cases?

What are the causes of crooked teeth?

crooked teeth
Everyone’s dream is to have well-functioning and perfect teeth. Not having a perfect row of teeth will not necessarily cause any problems later on in the patient’s life. It might be not worth visiting a dentist solely for this reason. There are many explanations of causes that lead to irregular or crowded teeth. The main cause is often attributable to the inappropriate size of the jaw which does not provide enough space for all the teeth to align. The mismatch in the sizes of upper and lower jaws might also lead to overbite or alteration in the exterior and position of the teeth. In addition, missing teeth or the loss of teeth can lead to crooked teeth through a phenomenon when the adjacent teeth tip over and take up the empty space. This status not only affects the teeth on the incomplete jaw, but also those on the opposite side.

Hereditary factors

Hereditary factors are also playing a role in the development of the final alignment of teeth, to which we have to pay attention already in the early stages. Parents commit several errors that have impact on the regularity or irregularity of the kids’ – later adults’ – teeth.
These include the usage of soothers or thumb sucking that make the teeth tip outward, which affects only the baby teeth, however, has an impact also on the developing permanent teeth hiding in the jaw, under the baby teeth.

It does matter how small children are laid, as it can affect the development of the upper and lower jaws – the cradles of teeth. Do not put pillows under your baby’s head, and lay your little child only on small pillows if any.

The types and consequences of crooked teeth

Healthy teeth have a major role in eating, since badly chewed food can lead to digestive and later to metabolic disorders. We must preserve our teeth not only in their intact condition, but we also have to pay attention to their position, which highly influences chewing, their load distribution, the inevitable plaque formation and in the long run tooth decay.

Furthermore, a regular set of teeth is also very important in proper voice production. Crooked teeth can cause sigmatism, lisping or rhotacism. As a result psychological traumas may form that are difficult to treat later on. If such problems do not get addressed in time, they may cause serious problems in communications, hence they will affect the whole life of the individual.

Genetic factors also play a part in the development of teeth and they must be addressed early on. Parents often make numerous mistakes that affect the regularity or irregularity of the child’s – and later the grown-up’s – teeth.
Two examples for that are the use of pacifiers and thumb sucking that cause dental protrusion. It may only affect primary teeth, but it also has an effect on the permanent teeth hiding in the upper and lower jaw waiting to erupt.
It is also important how we lay the child down in bed as it affects the development of the upper and lower jaw bones – which are the cradle of teeth. Never put a pillow under the baby’s head, even toddlers should use a small pillow at most.
Consequences of crooked teeth also depend on the type of irregularity of the set in question.

There are many types of crooked teeth

  • malocclusion or crowded teeth,
  • teeth too close together, or
  • teeth with excessive spacing, aka gapped teeth.

Badly positioned teeth can cause a number of problems on the long run. In the case of too closely positioned teeth, acid producing bacteria may easily hide in hard-to-reach gaps, thus causing tooth decay.
Uneven surfaces, however, can result in deep bite from which numerous complications could derive, for instance, articular pain.
In the case of a lack of space, the complication of having to remove some of the healthy teeth of a patient during a dental procedure could arise, in order to make sure that all the teeth fit properly next to each other in the space provided.

What are ways of correcting crooked teeth?

The straightening of teeth may be obtained without the usage of dental braces. Should someone wish for a quick solution and immediate aesthetic results, they might find placing porcelain veneers onto their teeth to be a possibility. Porcelain layers pro vide quick improvements, however, in some cases they do not solve the actual issues. In the case of the crowding of completely healthy, living teeth – as a result of which articular sympthoms might arise – it could be worth considering more complicated dental bracing methods.
In some cases, it is dental braces that provide the most accurate ways of moving teeth into their right position. For children, removable dental appliances might be the perfect solution, especially because these devices’ straightening of teeth is not aesthetically displeasing. Naturally, dental bracing does not always happen during childhood or adolescence, but it can also occur during one’s adult life. In fact, there are methods with which the visibility of dental procedures can be avoided. In all cases, dental hygiene is a fundamental condition of these appliances.

What advantages do porcelain veneers and crowns have in the above-mentioned cases?

In the case of applying porcelain veneers, the duration of the treatment is short and the shape of the tooth only changes negligibly as the procedure only requires minimal polishing of the tooth. The layer is also suitable for covering stains. The durability of the veneers can be maximized by paying extra attention to dental hygiene, which is needed because the back of the teeth are not covered, thus they are not protected by of ceramics. Applying the crown is done by polishing the teeth as well, which is followed by the positioning of the crown using a specific adhesive.
Should you encounter any of the above-mentioned issues, please contact your dentist so as to find an immediate solution to your problems.

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